Hopper moves into the hotel booking industry with launch of price-prediction service

Montreal-based travel app Hopper has become one of the fastest growing apps of its kind, with over 17 million downloads to date, 45 million trips planned, and over $500 million in flights sold. And as of last week, they’re moving into the hospitality sector, too.

That’s because Hopper just launched their hotel price prediction service, the first of its kind. Just like with flights, Hopper analyzes over 10 million price quotes per day to predict future hotel prices and tell you exactly when to buy, 0r wait, to get the best deal.

“Since launching in 2015, we’ve grown to over 17M downloads, we’ve sold over $500M worth the air, and tracked over 45M trips,” Frederic Lalonde, co-founder and CEO of Hopper told MTLinTECH. “Our average trip watch is for 8 days which means that could be as much as 360M room nights so it seemed natural for us to continue the conversation we’re having with users via push to help them also plan their stay.”

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With 95% recommendation accuracy up to six months in advance, Hopper users can expect to save from $34 a night up to $90 a night on their hotel room. With an average trip watch of 8 days, the total savings can range from $272 on average all the way up to $720.

“One of the hallmarks of Hopper has been our trusted and transparent data-driven guidance. Most travelers base their hotel decision on more than price alone, so, in addition to the price forecasts, Hopper also offers swipeable tips to help you narrow down your selection. There are tips on which hotels are top-rated, which neighborhoods are recommended, and eventually it will learn the types of hotels you like and offer personalized hotel recommendations.”

While it’s long been believed that the best prices are found at the last minute, Hopper has found that they’re often available 2-3 months before your stay. With data-driven tips and guidance to help customers through the hotel selection and booking process, Hopper also features a color-coded calendar, notifications about price drops, and personalized tips about the best hotels and neighborhoods to choose.

Hopper has also introduced hotel stories, full-screen immersive videos, images, and honest commentary.

“Stock photos often aren’t representative of what it’s actually like to stay at the hotel and slideshows aren’t very engaging on a mobile device. Therefore, we decided to create full-screen immersive mobile content. For every hotel, you’ll see hotel stories which include images, videos, and honest commentary to give you a genuine idea of what it’s like to stay at that hotel.”

Hopper’s Hotels feature is available today in New York City, Hopper’s most popular destination. The new service will soon be rolling out to 10 additional markets.

“We’ll be continuing to add hotels in New York until we reach about 50 properties. Then we’ll be expanding to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. We’re looking at our most watched US destinations first so after that you’ll see us adding major cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, etc. We’ll also be adding hotels for Montreal next year.”

The new Hotels feature will also mean a bigger team in Montreal with more positions open.

“We are definitely growing the team in Montreal. We have open positions in Montreal for almost every team – Data Science, Engineering, Growth, Product, Design, Support, etc. All of our open positions are listed here.”


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