Here’s the 8 startups joining Holt fintech accelerator’s new cohort

Eight startups will join Holt fintech accelerator’s 2019 cohort today, billed as “Canada’s only business accelerator
devoted exclusively to Fintech”.

The new startups, spanning the globe from five different countries, were selected from nearly 600 applications from over 70 countries. Selections were made following July’s Selection Days, and the 2019 cohort kicks off Monday.

“We’re trying to support financial technologies that we believe are needed in the Canadian Market. We are now seeing some institutional players buying into what we’re doing.” said Brendan Holt Dunn, fouder of the Holt Accelerator.

“It’s about investing in Canadian founders, as well as international entrepreneurs who can move and potentially incorporate in Canada,” added cofounder Jan Christopher Arp. “This creates direct benefits for Canadian consumers, financial institutions and service providers, while also enabling Canada to be more competitive globally.”

The 2019 cohort is made up of the following companies:

1. Conatix – a cybersecurity firm preventing fraud and data theft from the inside. Conatix helps banks detect suspicious employee activity, improper behavior, policy violations and other threats on IT networks with thousands of employees, in real time.

2. ConfirmU – helping individuals with little or no credit history gain access to financial products by combining financial data and psycholinguistics into an alternative credit scoring system.

3. HodlBot – a Canadian based customizable cryptocurrency trading bot that enables users to index the market, create and automatically rebalance their cryptocurrency portfolios.

4. LexAlign – demand for remote deposit capture is skyrocketing. Under current regulation, FI’s must train commercial customers to mitigate the risks of this service, which is not scalable. LexAlign offers an automated solution that acts as a risk rating agency for security and compliance around RDC.

5. – modernizing finance by creating new and compliant digital document management solutions. Their digital ID and wallet make secure interactions easy. This Mexican Fintech is enabling people and organizations to exchange digital documents safely, easily and efficiently, improving the experience for all parties.

6. Manzil – many of the world’s 1 billion Muslims cannot pay or receive interest on financial transactions, hindering their ability to purchase a home. Manzil offers them a murabaha mortgage, balancing modern business practices and religious obligations.

7. MarketsFlow – tackling the performance gap in do-it-yourself digital wealth management, MarketsFlow offers a portfolio optimization platform delivering high returns for online investors. This British firm consistently outperforms other robo- advisors available today.

8. WealthBlock.AI – US based WealthBlock.AI invites investors to view financial documents via a secure link and tracks the interaction between these investors and the entrepreneurs, to gauge interest and streamline follow ups.

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