Freelance photographer Eva Blue gets her snaps in

If you go to a tech event in Montreal, there’s a good chance you may run into a woman who takes photographs, by the name of Eva Blue.

Blue, a born-and-raised Montrealer, has been snapping photos of the Montreal tech scene for years now. She’s a consistent face at many events, and she’s earned a seizable number of allies over the years as a result of her quality of work. People seem to like when she takes their photos at tech events.

MTLinTech chatted with Blue over coffee at Cafe OSMO on a blistery Wednesday morning in the city. In fact, Blue works events of all different subjects, not simply limiting herself to Montreal’s tech community. But the work she does do for that community seems to stand out.

The freelance photographer used to work in web development, and only bought her camera so she could take photos at concerts for personal enjoyment. She’d also snap photos at the many “geeky” events that she liked attending.

“People starting saying ‘take my picture,’ and it turned into a job,” said Blue.

While she charges a standard rate for her work, Blue still does some events for free, which she attributes to being an artist. She admits her reality is that some people are going to appreciate her work and pay for it, while others won’t.

Among some of her regular clients include iNovia Capital, the venture capital fund, and FounderFuel, the startup accelerator program. Other clients include InnoCite, AccelerateMTL, C100, CloudOps, CrowdMedia, Flow Ventures, Innobec, Montreal Girl Geeks, Montréal, ville intelligente et numérique (Smart City), MSN, Podcamp Montreal, Rho Canada, Real Ventures, Sid Lee, Ubisoft and more.

“Once a person’s comfortable with me and they trust me to take a good photo, they loosen up,” she said. “I’ve been shooting iNovia forever, and it’s so much fun to do their photos. Chris Arsenault and David Nault will ham it up and just trust me to capture the moment.”

Nault, who serves as principal at iNovia, had some nice words for the photographer. He called Blue “awesome, talented and someone with a huge heart”.

“She captures great moments because she gets people to come out of their shell,” said Nault. “She loves what she does, it shows in every picture and she’s never hesitant to lend a hand either to charities. She is part of the iNovia family.”

David Nault, iNovia Capital.

However, not every client of Blue’s is like iNovia. For those who’ve seen her snapping away at various events, it’s clear that she comes to work. She’s constantly circling the floor, nudging people to get together for the perfect photo.

As such is life for a professional photographer, some events can be long: she counts the annual CVCA conference or the C2 conference among those that demand the most effort and time, often for two to three days at a time.

It takes a little passion. I like to do things right and I want people to look good. I believe in everyone. I want the people I love to shine and I want Montreal to shine. My goal is to take good pictures of people.

-Eva Blue, freelance photographer

Blue tends to decline invitations for jobs that involve a lot of drinking or partying. Particularly, she said the photographs don’t come out well when people drink alcohol. As we have all learned over the years, the eyes tend to speak volumes about a person’s state, which doesn’t always come out well through a camera lens.


As for Blue, her eyes are simply set on Montreal, and continuing to capture those perfect moments at tech events.

She loves her community of tech geeks and she wants to see it flourish.

“It’s a good, tight knit community that’s growing much bigger, but the OG’s stick together and support each other and everybody else,” said Blue. I love Montreal, Theres so many good people who give back to the city and make it a better place.”

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