FounderFuel graduates newest cohort of startups

Montreal’s FounderFuel accelerator program is graduating seven tech startups Wednesday evening. The companies will all make their way on stage at the Olympia Theatre to showcase their ventures to an expected crowd of 1,300 people.

The glitzy event held twice a year by FounderFuel is meant to showcase its seed-stage startups to a crowd of investors, media and tech enthusiasts. This Fall 2015 cohort is FounderFuel’s eighth since the program first started in Fall 2011.

FounderFuel's general manager, Sylvain Carle.

FounderFuel’s general manager, Sylvain Carle.

General manager Sylvain Carle said each cohort is different, and each startup is unique. Upon admitting companies into the program, Carle said he looked for founders with “the right mix of passion, maturity, resilience, audacity and dedication”

“From smart contracts to always-on education, from immersive experiences in VR to autonomous security solutions powered by artificial intelligence, we run a pretty wide gamut,” said Carle. ““I am pretty excited about this cohort.”

Program manager Emma Williams will depart her role after several cohorts to pursue a new opportunity in the startup world.  Replacing her is Thibaud Maréchal, a familiar face in the Montreal startup community, having previously launched the McGill X-1 Accelerator.

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Upon being asked to reflect on her time at FounderFuel, Williams said she learned that nothing is ever the same with a FounderFuel cohort.

“You think you figure out how to run a cohort and manage companies and it’ll be the polar opposite the next time. There’s no science to it: every cohort is vastly different and they all need a personal touch,” Williams told MTLinTech. “It never gets boring.”

In alphabetical order, the companies of the FounderFuel Fall 2015 Cohort are:

Delve Labs | Autonomous Security Solutions. Complete enterprise security coverage through collaborative AI and nonstop autonomous testing.

GradeSlam | Democratizing the Tutoring Industry. Instant Homework Help for The Modern Day Student.

OneSet | Get fit together, one set at a time. Share your journey on Oneset, your community for health and fitness.

PACTA | Turning contracts into smart contracts. PACTA’s proactive management system for business contracts increases visibility and decreases risk through team collaboration, proactive alerts, and instant access from anywhere on any device.

Periodic | Time Based Commerce. Periodic is creating the standard for Time-Based Commerce by powering service marketplaces with real-time inventory and instant transactions.

Sphere Play | The Immersive Experience Player for Web and Mobile VR. Sphereplay delivers world leading technologies to distributors of immersive video and VR content.

Zora | Land and Keep great tenants. Zora gives landlords a quantifiable tenant score to assess reliability of rental applicants.

The seven companies will now have a chance to show the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) why they should be selected for the $150,000 convertible note typically given to a handful of graduating companies every year.

This cohort was unique for the FounderFuel accelerator program in that it teamed up with the City of Montreal’s InnoCitéMTL accelerator program. Program manager Béatrice Couture worked closely with FounderFuel brass to help develop several entrepreneurs passionate about building ideas relating to smart cities.

Five different projects were originally selected in September to partake in the cohort, and they’ll pitch on stage Wednesday along with the FounderFuel teams. Those teams are:

Prkng develops digital tools to improve urban mobility and facilitate parking. The mobile “prkng” app shows users where they can legally park nearby and sends alerts to avoid getting parking tickets. The free app is available on the App Store, in Montréal and Québec City.

Ubios is the future of the smart connected home that promises increased security, unparalleled comfort and lower heating and insurance bills, and seamless integration with the surrounding neighbourhood, city and spaces.

Sensequake is making city safer and smarter. Sensequake is the first sensing-based earthquake vulnerability platform to deliver fast and accurate seismic assessment of structures.

Digital State is a complete Digital Public Services platform that transforms the way governments deliver services online. It lets governments use drag and drop tools to rapidly build digital services, engage with citizens, and report on service performance.

Dasbox offers a collection of industrial sensors that are reconfigurable, available at a low price and easy to connect to Internet applications.The versatile Dasbox allows you to gather a variety of data, making it an exceptional measuring and analysis tool for smart cities.

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