Flixel, HelloMD and YouCollab win Startupfest Investment Prize

Three startups are walking away from Montreal’s annual Startupfest with newfound hope and investment.

The top prize of a $160,000 investment from 14 investor-judges went to Flixel while the second place prize of a $50,000 investment went to HelloMD.

Flixel is a Toronto-based startup that created the wildly popular Cinemagraph Pro app. Cinemagraph Pro makes creation “super-easy and fast,” where users import a video, select a still frame and paint motion directly on the screen. Users can export in broadcast quality or upload to flixel.com and easily share with the world. The startup won a 2014 Apple Design Award.

HelloMD is a San Francisco-based startup specializing in digital healthcare for marijuana patients who can get their medical cannabis card online without visiting a doctors office. While $200,000 was originally up for grabs for one startup, Startupfest founder Phil Telio made it clear that the prize could be split up if two startups were deserving. It looks like that’s what happened here.

Something else out of the ordinary happened at Startupfest as well. Evidently spurred by a charismatic younger entrepreneur, six investor-judges decided to invest in one more company.

YouCollab was awarded an “honorary” $35,000 investment. The Toronto-based startup created an application that connects YouTube creators looking to collaborate based on their interests, size of the channel and more.

“Six of us pitched our money together for an additional $35,000,” said Telio. “We had so many pitches that we liked but the spirit of this additional kid made us put in more money, so in the moment we did it. We liked him and we want to work with him more.”

And just like that, Startupfest’s grand prize has now gone up to $245,000 in total. “In the process we had such great quality startups pitching us” said Telio.


Here’s the winners of the other prizes at Startupfest:

CBC Montreal Prize: daana

$30,000 Videotron/ MAtv Prize: Key2Access

The Next 36 Young Entrepreneur Award: YouCollab


FounderFuel 2016 Cohort Prize: Botler

Grandmother’s Choice Award: Birdhouse

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