Dynamic/MTL’s 11th edition examines the future of publishing and the editorial format

On April 25th, the 11th edition of Dynamic/MTL will bring together three editorial leaders in their field to discuss how they navigate a cross-platform world while operating at the intersection of content and commerce. The panel will also discuss the future of publishing and editorial in the age of shifting formats.

The event will feature Caroline Issa, the CEO of Tank Group, Caroline Lavergne, editor-in-chief at C2MTL, and Catherine Métayer, Editor in Chief at BESIDE Magazine/Co-founder of Blanc Collective.

“We’ve always been big fans of Tank Magazine, so that’s how it kind of started,” founder André​ Valle told MTLinTECH. “We reached out to Caroline and then we built up a panel around the idea of what was most prominent in her career, which was a lot of working with editorial in the fashion industry. That’s usually the process. Once we find one topic that we’re really passionate about, we get a speaker who can really own the stage on that thematic and we build a team around it.”

To date, Dynamic/MTL has  held 11 successful events, hosting 38 speakers, and inspiring over 3100 attendees. The latest iteration will focus on three women who are tackling the question of what an editorial is and/or could be in terms of different platforms.

“We already had a connection with Caroline [Lavergne] of C2, and then we were introduced to Catherine [Métayer], who’s been doing great work in publishing as well. She had a very successful kickstarter campaign to launch her Beside Magazine, and then she also started this non-profit around the work that she’s been doing. It came together quite organically once we figured out one panelist, and we were able to quickly compile the other components that make the panel a very interesting experience.”

 The Dynamic/MTL events have previously tried to bring together a Montreal speaker with international speakers to contextualize the work being done in Montreal with what is being done globally. The event on April 25th is different in that all three speakers are from or currently reside in Montreal, but Caroline Issa, as CEO of the Tank Group in London, is herself an example of what Montreal talent is accomplishing internationally.

“We consider Caroline [Issa] to be international, as she’s flying in. So it’s an interesting intersection of someone who is from Montreal but doesn’t work here anymore. Usually we try to do international speakers and then one from Montreal. The idea ultimately is that we want to elevate the Montreal talent by associating them with work that is being done across the world. We’re lucky this time to have someone from Montreal who is succeeding globally. C2 is also very similar, and then we’re also able to elevate this magazine [BESIDE] that is very grassroots.”

The 11th Dynamic/MTL event will take place on April 25th at 5:30 pm at the Phi Centre. Click here for tickets.

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