Desjardins is taking over the tower at the Olympic Stadium: here’s a sneak peak

The Montreal Tower—the 165 metre tall, 45-degree angled, 12 story pinnacle of the Olympic Stadium—is the tallest inclined tower in the world. Built for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, the tower and stadium have become an integral part of the Montreal architectural skyline.

But the Montreal Tower has also gone largely unused since the games that gilded Bruce Jenner. The Tower has remained a tourist attraction over the years, with the stadium sometimes hosting concerts, block parties, or more recently refugees. But Desjardins has rented seven of the twelve floors and transformed it into its latest head office space in Montreal.

Set to open this fall, Desjardins released photos today teasing the space—designed by Provencher Roy—and it’s bright, sunny, and modern.

“It’s a huge privilege to work on such a unique site. Our concept was inspired by the symbol that the tower represents for the city, but also by the Olympic spirit and by Desjardins’s own values. We designed the workspace to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in a healthy environment,” said Julien-Pierre Laurendeau, interior designer at Provencher Roy.

More than 1,000 employees, mainly from the AccèsD individual and business services and Online Business Centre teams, will be moved in gradually. As the first tenant since its completion in 1987, Desjardins will occupy seven stories, or 80% of the rental space available.

It will be especially interesting to see how the influx of 1,000 white-collar finance workers affects the eastern Hochelaga neighborhood. In the past few years Rue Ontario has seen a number of new restaurants, bars, and artisan breweries open. It seems safe to assume that more up-market cafes and business-lunch options will continue to multiply in the gentrifying area to serve the Desjardins employees.

With its still-low rent, could Desjardins’ move signal the start of Hochelaga as a burgeoning tech and business hub?

You can see all of the released photos here.






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