#CoolNotman campaign aims to bring air conditioning to Notman House

Notman House has evolved into Montreal’s startup tech hub and community base in the past several years. But the stifling heat and humidity of a heritage building in the peak of summer is enough to make even the most motivated entrepreneur wilt.

That’s why Notman House is participating in the National Trust’s This Place Matters, a crowdsourcing competition that aims to renew and improve the vitality of historic places. Their campaign, #CoolNotman, is trying to raise funds to outfit the whole of Notman House with air conditioning.

During the competition, participating project groups from coast to coast will compete for the chance to win – and raise – much-needed funding to take on essential projects that include restoration, accommodating new uses, or improving visitor amenities at their historic places.

“One of my board members who’s involved with Heritage Montreal brought it to my attention, because the purpose of it is for heritage historic sites that are trying to raise money to renovate or improve their property,” Emma Williams, Director of Notman House told MTLinTECH. “Obviously heritage buildings often don’t get as much support as they should and they are very costly to upkeep. We decided to jump into it and we thought the best thing that we could rally the community around, since it’s largely a sort of crowdfunding and social media competition, was air conditioning because it is so hot in the summer. ”

People can vote once daily for the campaign of their choice, and each dollar donated also counts as a vote. Participating projects are competing for $220,000 in prizes on top of whatever funds they raise through donation.

At the time of writing, the campaign has already raised $725 of the $40,000 goal and had 897 votes.

Voting ends on July 17, 2017 at 12 NOON ET.

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