< MTL > connect: Digital Week in Montreal

This week marks <MTL> connect: Digital Week in Montreal, 5 days of presentations, networking and discussion about digital transformation in multiple industry verticals. Organized by Printemps Numérique, these day-long sessions are being held all over town, with each day focussing on a different theme. Each session contains dozens of speakers from all over the world. If you are working on digital transformation in one of these fields, there is a lot to be learned.
  • 27 May – Health; dedicated to the future of health care, including precision medicine, IoT, wearables and sensors – Location: CHUM
  • 28 May – Artificial Intelligence; focussing on how to facilitate the transition of MVP AI projects to production within companies, among other topics – Location: O Mile-Ex home to MILA and Element AI
  • 29 May – Architecture and Construction; dedicated to the role of data and connectivity in IoT, Smart Cities, architecture and smart building – Location: Canadian Centre for Architecture
  • 30 May – Creativity and Culture – Location: McCord Museum
  • 31 May – Mobility and Transportation; focussed on sustainable development, artificial intelligence, circular economy and the future of mobility – Location: Centre for Sustainable Development
Quebec’s Minister for Governmental Digital Transformation, Eric Caire, was on hand at the AI event on Tuesday to show the support of the province’s government. Moreover, he said that he expects this type of event to become more frequent, given that Montreal is home to a world class pool of expertise in artificial intelligence, which now acts as an important economic engine for both the city and the province as a whole. The Minister insisted that in terms of digital, a change of culture is needed within the government. He told the crowd that more internal expertise is required, while speaking about the creation of a Quebec digital center of excellence adding “we must adapt our legislative framework, which is archaic”. For those of you interested in attending, tickets can be purchased here. Don’t have the budget? Not to worry! The activities will be opened up to the general public this weekend (June 1 & 2). For details check out mtlconnecte.ca.

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