Code in the Dark with lasers for glory and $1,000

Got a thing for raves but also coincidentally love to code?

On Friday, November 24th you can have your glowpaint and win $1,000, too. The first Canadian edition of Code in the Dark is happening in Montreal.

“It’s an initiative that started in the US, but has since had global events all through Europe and countries in Latin America,” Ana Collantes, in charge of marketing and operations at Osedea, told MTLinTECH. Osedea, a local startup that develops web and mobile apps, organized the upcoming event and will be hosting it at their offices.

Essentially it’s a front-end dev competition where contestants spend 15 minute rounds trying to replicate a screenshot as accurately as possible.

“The whole competition is live, so the audience is watching as people are developing a specific image. It’s around 3-4 rounds, and what also is specific to this event is that the audience gets to pick the winners of each round. At the end, the winner will get $1,000 in cash.”

But don’t forget about the lasers. The entire competition will take place in the dark. Which means each round is 15 minutes of programmers trying to code while being bombarded by laser lights and smoke machines. In short, a lot more exciting than your run-of-the-mill hackathon.

And that’s the goal, really. To create a community environment where the audience is having fun and people can chat and hang out. Something a little less serious and a little more fun where people who are passionate about coding and hacking can connect with one another.

For participants, there’s also the incentive of $1,000 in cash (not to mention pride, for one). And the chance to compete in front of and be chosen by the audience members.

“Because of the kind of audience engagement in this competition, it will be a great place for anyone who’s interested in technology or development. You can know nothing about coding but still have an interest in it. Industry, hobby, or passion, it’s open to anyone who has the slightest curiosity.”

Click here to get your free ticket as a spectator or competitor.

Photo courtesy of Osedea and Code in the Dark

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