California’s Caspio opens data centre in Montreal, its first in Canada

Caspio, a low-code development platform for building online database applications, is unveiling its first data centre in Canada. The Santa Clara, California-based company is doing so to meet Canadian customers’ growing demands for custom business applications.

Caspio said the expansion addresses the increasing demand for cloud-based applications that are optimized for performance, security and regional localization. It also allows Canadian customers to comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and other government-mandated regulations.

“The need for companies to build custom cloud applications at speed and scale has never been more essential than in today’s cloud-first operating model,” said CEO Frank Zamani. “The opening of our new data centre supports the evolving business needs of our Canadian customers and furthers our commitment as their global low-code partner.”

Caspio’s punch line is “No code, just Caspio!” The company advertises that customers can create powerful database applications without writing a single line of code.

The Canadian site provides high-availability cloud infrastructure operated on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

“We’ve seen Caspio cut our application development time by 60 percent or more,” said David Emerson, founder of Boston-based SiteRocket Labs, an IT consulting and app development firm with offices in Toronto as well. “Caspio’s infrastructure expansion into Canada not only opens up more enterprise-level implementations across a wide range of industries, it makes us more competitive as a solutions provider.”

The new data centre means Caspio now has seven data centre sites across the world (Virginia, USA, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Dublin, Ireland, London, UK, Sydney, Australia and Mumbai, India). The company is also readying the launch of a new data centre in Cape Town, South Africa.

Today, 15,000 customers in over 150 countries use Caspio’s low-code development platform for data management, automated workflows and for scaling operations digitally. Caspio also has offices in the Ukraine, Poland and the Philippines.

Among some of Caspio’s bigger name clients include Delta, Honda, Intel, Comcast, Dell, Ticketmaster, DHL, Mattel and Dupont.

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