BDC partners with BUDGETO to offer Canadian entrepreneurs free financial forecasting tool

Thanks to a new partnership between BDC and BUDGETO, Canadian small business owners and entrepreneurs will have six months of free access to an online budgeting and financial forecasting tool.

BUDGETO, based in Montreal and Quebec City, is an online budgeting and financial forecasting tool designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2012 as by Charles-Hubert Déry and Marc Alloul, the service was redesigned and renamed BUDGETO. The beta version of the second version went online in September 2014.

With the newly announced partnership, Canadian business owners will have access to a free six-month license of BUDGETO’s tool to create 3-year financial forecasts. BDC’s customers will also be able to share their budget online with all BDC representatives across Canada to explore financing solutions.

“BDC is always looking for new ways to help entrepreneurs improve their ability to manage their business and address the challenges they face day to day,” said Michel Bergeron, BDC’s Senior Vice President, Marketing and Public Affairs. “While a lot of content and tools are available for free on, we had no free online tools aimed at improving an entrepreneur’s financial planning. Our partnership with BUDGETO fills that gap very nicely.”

The BUDGETO tool will also be integrated soon with bookkeeping tools like QuickBooks, and Xero so entrepreneurs can see in real time how well they’re sticking to their budget.

“We are excited to work with BDC to provide Canadian entrepreneurs with an easy-to-use budgeting and financial forecasting web application which they can use even without any financial knowledge,” said Marc Alloul, co-founder and President of BUDGETO. “Start-ups and established companies can use our platform to quickly validate a business project, manage cash flow and leverage insights and reports to help them obtain financing.”

The bilingual tool is confidential, easily shared and accessible remotely on the cloud, with all data stored in Canada.

Canadian entrepreneurs can access their free six-month license of BUDGETO through a new BDC/BUDGETO landing page.


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