Banque Nationale, HEC Accelerator set Demo Day

The National Bank | HEC Montréal Accelerator will throw a Demo Day event on Monday December 12 featuring the likes of a dozen new ventures. Tickets can be found here.

The Accelerator is a 12-week intensive program open to high-growth potential companies in various sectors including IT, life sciences, engineering, retail and more.

Here’s the 12 companies:

Bridgr is a platform that connects SMB project managers to qualified experts who can help.

Cousmos offers ready-to-eat, gourmet quality couscous dishes.

Flystro  offers an online marketplace allows individuals and businesses to find drone operators.

Dfuse  uses a powerful matching algorithm ensuring that

Élixir Marketing Olfactif – is reinventing the marketing in a creative advertising space without borders. Specifically, it creates olfactory experiences and develops marketing strategies that positively stimulate the memory of customers.

Jarre  sells various home products that inform and provide responsible solutions for food waste and healthy eating.

OPA Technologies – provides a unique interactive platform for urban construction sites, an indispensable tool for geospatial management.

Spotfields  – is a platform to book online favorite sports fields a few clicks.

2e Shift  – is a platform that allows families to delegate domestic and family tasks to a reliable person in their local community who wants extra income.

Trench Montreal  – is an eco-friendly shoe protection agent.

Montréal 5A7  – is a platform displaying all business events in Montreal.

Dyze Design – creates parts and accessories for high performance 3D printers.


The accelerator’s previous cohort included teams like Crema and Chic Marie.

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