ATW Tech expected to close on Semeon Analytics acquisition

ATW Tech expects its acquisition of Montreal’s Semeon Analytics to close on November 20, 2020, after due diligence has completed.

Montreal-based ATW Tech is a publicly-traded financial tech company that owns several platforms such as VoxTel, and Bloomed.

Semeon Analytics, another Montreal company, is an AI-powered platform that allows clients to analyze text-based customer feedback in order to sharpen marketing and communication strategies. The company says its tech combines semantic, sentiment, intent and statistical analysis with artificial intelligence-driven natural language processing systems.

Some of its clients include Banque Nationale (a sponsor of MTLinTECH), Desjardins Assurances and Ubisoft, among others.

The tech company adds that its platform is capable of automatically analyzing, classifying and visualizing data from multiple channels. It also offers a workbench suite which allows even non-experts to customize classification and filtering settings without the need for cumbersome rule sets.

Semeon provides its clients a platform for precise text analysis. The company says the platform is intelligent and flexible for decoding, understanding, and summarizing customer feedback. Its natural language text analysis technology allows clients to browse through thousands of customer comments. From these comments, clients can extract concepts, classify them as positive, negative or neutral opinions and adjust their communication and marketing strategy.

For its customers, Semeon says its tech leads to gains in analysis speed “allowing critical decision making in minutes or hours rather than weeks or months.”

Analytics Insight described Semeon’s offerings this way:

“It conquers language complexity by identifying irony, sarcasm, cultural context and bias and helps gather a correct representation of what customers are saying, enabling brands to be as responsive as possible. The company helps businesses to become customer-centric to build the best customer experience, inform adequately customer support, marketing, communication, product and innovation departments while supporting organization transformation of processes, culture and overall management.”

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