AmpMe announces Spotify integration

AmpMe announced today that their app will now feature Spotify integration.

The music app allows users to play music across multiple iOS and Android devices to create one portable sound system. The app already integrates with SoundCloud, Youtube, and personal music libraries.

As well as the ability to connect through a Spotify premium account, the app will also feature improvements to its social features, including the ability to connect with and join nearby ‘parties’, see other users that have joined the ‘party’, and sync to AmpMe-connected Bluetooth speakers.

“Our mission is to make music accessible everywhere and Spotify’s mission is to provide music for everyone; this integration makes music accessible everywhere for everyone,” said AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc Archambault.

“The Spotify integration is a big milestone for us, as it was the most requested feature from our users worldwide,” AmpMe CTO André-Philippe Paquet told MTLinTECH. “I’m very proud of the technology we’ve built so far, and especially how easy we’ve made the interface. For users, it seems like magic because it just works. But behind this simplicity lies a huge technical challenge to accurately synchronize music to the milliseconds on a huge variety of devices.”

AmpMe has now been downloaded over 3M times since its launch in September 2015 and is now available in 144 countries.



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