Amazon Halo Launches with a Montreal App as a Partner on Day 1

Amazon’s latest product launched this morning and one Montreal company is in on the action from the get. Already named the most positively reviewed app of all time on the App Store by Business Insider, Relax Melodies helps millions of users fall asleep through endless combinations of sounds, music, meditations and other bedtime content.

Amazon Halo, a new service dedicated to helping customers improve their individual health and wellness, selected Relax Melodies as one of the Amazon Halo sleep experts to ensure that effective & intuitive bedtime tools are available across Halo’s mobile app and wristband hardware.  The collaboration allows Relax Melodies to help more people, and as the first Canadian contributor to Amazon Halo, the company hopes to solidify its position as a leading global player in sleep technology.

“As a Canadian tech company, it’s extremely rewarding to team up with Amazon Halo and combine our resources to continue bettering sleep technology,” explained Simon Alex Bérubé, CEO & co-founder of Relax Melodies. “We are proud to have this opportunity to help empower people to improve their wellbeing at a time when many of us are feeling a loss of control.”

The collaboration follows a period of rapid growth for the sleep app. In 2019, Relax Melodies surpassed the milestone of 50 million downloads, and was named App of the Day by Apple in over 100 countries this past spring. The company was also named the best app for sleep by, and it has been one of the 5 most widely used wellness apps in the U.S. so far during the pandemic.

Relax Melodies has developed a series of 1-to-4 week challenges for Amazon Halo or experiments that help members discover and adopt healthier habits. For example, members can try a 1-week challenge to help them reduce stress & fall asleep by experiencing a “sound bath” (an immersive experience that uses the vibrations of Tibetan bowls to nurture the mind & body). Studies have shown these sounds reduce anxiety and tension—two elements that contribute to insomnia.

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