‘Afro music as it should be,’ Africa Moko app hits Indiegogo

The app that Montreal entrepreneur Anthony Omenya says will be the first to allow African music fans to stream music videos is vying for a financial boost ahead of its launch.

Africa Moko app’s crowdfunding campaign is now live on Indiegogo.

Omenya said Afro artists finally have a place to showcase their work and get noticed, while music lovers can discover the newest Afro hits.

Africa Moko wants to be the user-savvy mobile home for every single afro music video available on Youtube. The vast category of “Afro music” includes millions of french and english artists, and easily hundreds of millions of fans all over Africa, Europe and the Americas (primarily).

“We’re making it easier than ever to find one artist, one song or a brand-new Afro musician you won’t discover elsewhere,” said Omenya.

Afrika Moko

In July the founder challenged us to Google “African music app” to find any real, competent competing app in the space, and truthfully, we couldn’t find much. “I won’t say I’m the only one, but I can say I’m the first who’s going to provide something amazing for these fans,” he said at the time. “Because we’re Afro fans ourselves, we understand what they want most.”

The perks for the crowdfunding campaign are as expected in t-shirts, premium features and a special VIP invite to Africa Moko’s launch party in Paris. But an interesting perk for fans may be the $100 level contribution where users get to chat on Periscope with Mokobe, the famous French rapper.

Omenya calls Africa Moko a “bold new frontier” for music artists, offering them a better platform to get their work noticed by fans. Of course he’ll have to build up impressive numbers to back up his claims, but the entrepreneur has shown a confidence that suggests such feats aren’t impossible.

The Congolese word “Moko,” means “one,” according to Omenya. The full name means “One Africa,” symbolizing bringing together all the African nations as one culture (presumably through music).

Omenya said that the hundreds of millions of Afro music fans all over the world are hungry for music content, but a lot of artists, whether they’re located in the African continent or in European countries like France, don’t always have the savviest marketing skills.

“The artists of this generation of Africa aren’t very well experienced in online stuff. They’re late in the technology,” he told MTLinTECH in July.

Africa Moko

And then there’s the problem of a lot of the best music not being available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play.

Great Afro music can be found via music videos on Youtube, but the massive platform isn’t targeted exclusively to these fans.

“Every week an Afrobeat video is posted by very talented artists on Youtube, but it’s difficult for them to promote their new achievements,” said Omenya. “YouTube is an excellent distribution tool, but it offers no tools for promotion.”

Omenya knows people don’t want to constantly search and click in Youtube to play a steady stream of their favourite artists. Instead, his app will be simple and enjoyable, he said.

“Africa Moko is going to be the best way for fans to consume the content and stay up to date,” Omenya told MTLinTECH. “And for the artist it’ll be a key way for them to directly promote their stuff with their target market.”

The Indiegogo campaign lasts until mid-November.

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